Doing more in less time

The art of doing more in less time

During my university days, I had friends that always left their coursework for the last minute. The last 48 hours to the deadline they go into lock-down-mode. They have fewer hours to sleep and put away all the distractions. It…

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finding your passion makes yoiur passion makes you unique

How finding your insanity will help your sanity

Aristotle the famous philosopher once said: “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” I am a great believer of the insanity workout by Shaun T. The mornings I carry out this workout, I tend to be…

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life is made up of four seasons

The Four seasons of life

In most parts of Europe and the States, this is the summer season, an exciting time for barbecues, beach parties and musical festivals. As you could guess right, summer is not the only season in these countries, we also have…

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For great things to happen the comfort zone has to be history

Why we love the comfort zone

We’ve all been here- a place where it is easy to fit in and munch on the couch. An environment that is driven by routine and championed by mediocrity. A stage or phase in our life, where the warmth of…

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